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acca learning paris

With a solid reputation and years of experience in the field, ACCA Learning offers you quality, personalised training to advance your career in the exciting world of dentistry.

Our team of highly qualified and passionate instructors will guide you through a comprehensive learning programme, designed to give you the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to excel in this demanding profession. We have modern facilities equipped with state-of-the-art technology, where you can practise your skills in a realistic and safe environment.

At ACCA Learning, we believe in lifelong learning and constant updating. That’s why we offer a wide range of courses and training programmes to meet your individual needs. Whether you’re just starting your career in dentistry or want to specialise in a specific area, you’ll find options to suit your goals and schedule.

As well as academic excellence, we care about your professional success and personal well-being. Our holistic approach includes the development of communication and teamwork skills, as well as emotional support throughout your educational journey.

the following courses

Don’t miss our next training courses at ACCA Learning! We offer you a unique opportunity to broaden your knowledge and skills in dentistry. Here are the dates of our upcoming courses:


Academic expert in advanced endodontics

the best dental training courses

Our training programmes are designed to cover all the key areas of dentistry, from the theoretical foundations to the most advanced practical skills. We offer initial training courses for those wishing to begin their career in dentistry, as well as specialisation programmes for those looking to hone their skills in specific areas.

Academic expert in advanced endodontics
Starting date: 8 September
Intended for : Graduates in dentistry and/or stomatology.
Number of students: 8

the best partners

At ACCA Learning, we place great importance on strategic and collaborative partnerships. We work hand in hand with renowned partners and dental industry professionals to provide quality training and stay at the forefront of advances in the field.

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