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The ACCA Learning Board is a highly committed and qualified management team that guides our institution with vision and leadership. Their experience and expertise in dentistry and education are essential to the success of our organisation. Our Board of Directors is comprised of outstanding professionals and leaders in the field of dentistry. Each member brings a unique perspective and extensive experience in various areas of the industry. Their dedication and commitment to academic excellence and quality dental education is the foundation of our institution.

Dr. Juan Manuel Acuña Pedrosa

Dr Juan Manuel Acuña Pedrosa is an outstanding dental professional whose training and experience make him a benchmark in his field. He qualified as a dentist at the prestigious Alfonso X University in Madrid, where he laid the foundations for a solid academic training. But his thirst for knowledge didn’t stop there, as he continued to broaden his horizons by obtaining several masters and diplomas in various areas of dentistry, consolidating his experience and specialisation in different disciplines.

His dedication and passion for education has led him to take on leading roles in academia. As director and postgraduate lecturer at JMAPtraining at UEMC, he shares his knowledge and experience with future professionals, guiding them along the path to dental excellence. In addition, as CEO and co-founder of ACCA-Learning, he has successfully extended his influence internationally, establishing teaching centres in over 32 countries. His leadership and innovative pedagogical approach have made ACCA-Learning an institution recognised and appreciated by the dental community.

While his dedication to training is unquestionable, Dr Acuña Pedrosa is also an expert in clinical practice. His extensive experience in surgery, periodontics and implants has made him a highly qualified and respected professional in his field. He currently works exclusively at the Clínica Dental Los Ángeles in Huelva, where he combines his passion for dentistry with the care and attention he gives to his patients.

Dr. Sergio Cacciacane

Dr Sergio Cacciacane is an outstanding dental professional with extensive experience and recognition. He graduated in dentistry from the University of Buenos Aires and specialises in oral rehabilitation. He is certified in prosthodontics and is a member of the American Academy of Dental Implantology.

He is the coordinator of the international delegates for the UEMC dentistry diplomas and director of the Barcelona branch of the same university. He is also director and founder of Esiro Barcelona and Global Education Holding.

With an outstanding record in dental education, his leadership has left a significant mark on academic training and has benefited many students and professionals in their pursuit of excellence and professional growth.

Dra. Nuria Duque Alonso

Dr Nuria Duque Alonso holds a degree in odontology (UCM), a master’s degree in oral surgery, implantology and periodontics (Southern University of Mississippi) and the title of expert in implant prosthodontics (UEMC).

She is also academic director of the UEMC implantology degree (UEMC), at JMAP Formación, and lecturer and collaborator on the master’s degree in oral surgery and implantology (CEU). Professor, lecturer and collaborator on the Master’s degree in Oral Surgery, Implantology and Periodontology (UEMC), at JMAP Formación.

Dra. Ana Boquete Castro

Ana Boquete is a leading dentist with an honours doctorate from the University of Granada. She has multiple specialisations, including a master’s degree in implantology and biomaterials, for which she was awarded the prize for best postgraduate student. She also holds a master’s degree in Bioethics, Quality and Safety in Healthcare, as well as a university specialisation in Perioral Aesthetics and a master’s degree in Dental Sleep Medicine.

Ana Boquete is a member of the Spanish Implant Society (SEI) and the Almeria Dental Association. In her private practice, she specialises in oral surgery, implantology and the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea. Her experience and dedication make her a highly qualified professional committed to providing quality dental care.